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24 March, 2013, 15:54

Vitaly Popkov finished third in Kosice - Miskolc race (UCI 1.2)!

Vitaly Popkov finished third in Kosice - Miskolc race (UCI 1.2)!

First podium and first ranking points of ISD Continental Team in 2013! Popkov was third and two more ISD cyclists finished in top 10.


On Saturday ISD Continental Team took part in the race held on the territory of two countries, with start in Slovakia and finish in Hungary. The race is considered Hungarian, as its organizer is Hungarian bicycle club Kerekparsport 2000. Peculiar features of the race, in addition to the start abroad, is relatively small distance (122 km) and predominantly flat terrain. It promised high average speed and the struggle from the first kilometres and until the finish line.


In the end, podium was shared by three riders who escaped from the group for more than two minutes. The Ukrainian team was represented in this leading trio by Vitaly Popkov. As a result of the uncompromising struggle at the finish, the first to cross the finish line was crossed Michal Kolar (Slovakia). Tchoban (Moldova) and Popkov (ISD, Ukraine) took 2nd and 3rd places, respectively.



In the top-10, in addition to Popkov, were two more Ukrainian riders: Dmitry Krivtsov (8th place) and Maksym Vasyliev (10). This is an excellent team result! Anatoly Pakhtusov and Alexander Sheydyk took 28th and 29th places and Vladimir Dzhus became 37th among 60 cyclists who made it to the finish line.


Kosice - Miskolc full results


Popkov and Krivtsov got ISD Continental Team the first ranking points in 2013 season: 16 points for the third place and 3 points for the seventh, a total of 19 points. So in Europe Tour rankings which is due to be published Monday Ukrainian team will be represented. These are the earliest points in the history of ISD continental project.



See more photos at ISD Continental team Facebook page


Ahead for the team lies the journey home and Ukrainian races in the Crimea at the end of next week, followed by the next international race, Sochi Grand Prix (3-7 April, Russia, UCI 2.2). 

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